Why I Love Photography

My love for photography began long before I owned a camera. The spark ignited the moment my siblings and I discovered my father's vintage film camera (and subsequently proceeded to break it). My mother unintentionally fanned the flame with her great rummage sale purchase: Dare Wright's Edith and Mr. Bear. Wright’s black-and-white photographs breathed life into an ordinary doll named Edith and nurtured the spark of photographic passion within me. I spent hours pouring over her book. And that finalized it. I was going to be a photographer. One Point-and shoot-camera, one Canon Rebel G SLR camera, and hundreds of dollars spent on film, paper, printing and development bills later, and I found myself ushered into the world of digital photography with my Canon Rebel XT DSLR, which I rocked until I could finally afford to upgrade to a Canon 5D Mark III.

Photography has been empowering, educational, and therapeutic for me. I envision it as a form of creation, giving life to the ordinary or mundane. While it freezes a moment in time, photography allows me to develop something new. In this way, I am able to observe my subject, discovering the hidden beauty or humanity I might have otherwise missed. Photography makes me stop, take notice, and reflect. It also gives me a voice, a shield, an outlet, and insight into my own soul. However, I don’t always know why I choose to press the shutter. There isn’t always a definitive reason. Sometimes, technical skills drive my finger. Often, luck has something to do with it. But there are other times, when “the still small voice” inside me “whispers,” “Now!,” and when I listen, something magical happens and my soul sings. Perhaps this is why I love photography so. It puts me in touch with my Creator.

What I Shoot
In my photography, I try to convey or evoke an emotion. Since emotions are found everywhere, I photograph many different subjects covering different photographic genres. Most often, I photograph what I love: my dog, my family, and my hometown. While still searching for my photographic niche, I use what I love—“the still small voice”—to guide me.

Canon 5D Mark III

Finger Lakes Region of NY